Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Summer In A SeaShell :)

Our first family photo!
We were actually going to family pics in Cali but we just couldn't fit it into our busy beach-bum schedule so hopefully soon we can have an official family photo.

The three stooges! In order from left to right: Reef Banner, Henry Banner, and Griffin Banner
It has been so fun to have these little guys be so close together. We will all have our hands full next summer when they turn one. Eeek!

California with the Banner'sI just love this picture of Jake's mom. I think she looks beautiful!California with the Jensen's!!! We got mani/pedisThe girls were in absolute heaven As soon as we walked into Disneyland, Scout runs over to the candy and starts chomping on a succor. She has a sucker for a mom when it comes to the Big D and those big brown eyes!

We were waiting for the family to all meet up and the girls look up to see the Snow White witch and as she walked passed she said "move out of my way". The girls still talk about it...Scout one day was talking to her cousin Macy and she said "some day I'll be a princess" and Macy said "Scout, you already are a princess" and Scout said, "No! I'm a waitch!!!" It was hilarious!

Finn's first Mickey shirt and Disneyland trip! I already have his shirt for next year!

Waiting in line to see Minnie Mouse and her house

Just sitting down for family dinner in Minnie's kitchen. It was so cute and I had never seen it before. Highly recommend!
Waiting in line
Princess Tiana!!! We waited forever to see the princesses and the girls were so excited to see what they call Princess and the Frog. Princess Jasmine was first and when Scout saw Princess Tiana was next she bent over and put her hands to her mouth and yelled "Jasmine, Princess and the Frog is here!!!" Everyone was dying laughing!!I love this picture of Ellie with Mickey! Pure joy! M & J at Luigi's mmmmmmm!!!Me and my man. I husbandless a lot on these trips :(


Me and MalPal
My bro-in-law built this city outta sand.

It was a little chilli on the beachMy sis Brooke and her third girl Kylie. She's having her fourth girl in one month!

Best Baby Ever!!!

Sandy Cheeks!The "Ellie Face" still going on strong
We found out watermelon is very hard to keep unsandy on the beach. Duh!

Ellie Mermaid
The kiddos


Jen said...

What a fun trip :)
You guys look like you had a total blast!

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

what a bunch of cuties!! I need to go to Disneyland... it's been way too long!

McMemories said...

What a fun summer! My boys loved disneyland, I wish I went to the princess part, but oh wait I have ALL BOYS!! haha ♥