Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help Me!!!

So, everyone posts stuff about their new babies,
and the baby's nursery etc. and I figured I don't
have a new baby but I'm redecorating my girls'
room. Does that count? I actually need help on colors.
We just painted the beadboard white and
the top is a very pale pinkish tanish venetian plaster. I want to add more color and they have some of that hot pink as you can see and their curtains are the green of this message that I just made them ( it's not quite done yet). I want to paint diamonds on top but the question is do we do hot pink diamonds or green diamonds? The color samples are above the pink tin frame. I chose hot pink and Jake chose green. Please, help a girl out and vote. Thanks!

Also, little side note, we ended up selling our puppy. I know, so sad. It was for the better and my advice to anyone with little kids who don't already have a puppy... don't do it.