Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby Brain and Bad Luck!!!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!

So it all started when I thought I would host a craft night. Hosting an event no matter how big or small, it is stressful. For some reason, your "to do" (and then some) list you've had for years MUST get done all before people start showing up. I had been working on another two crafts until 2 the night before and the entire day of the craft night. Needless to say I was already so tired and pregnant etc. but I just HAD to get these finished for everyone to see. I still needed to make dinner so I started some rice but realized I needed to go to the store real quick. My five minute run to the store turned into me chasing my girls around Wal Mart (or I was waddling as fast as I could without crying because of the pain I was in) and it took 3 times as long as expected. My rice now looked like a lump of coal and smoke filled my house and my girls lungs as I franticly opened windows and doors to air out the kitchen. It was about to catch on fire. There it is. I burnt rice. People say "is that even possible?" What was I thinking? Can I blame it on the baby brain? So my husband pulls up and asks if I burnt something and I said "what are you talking about?"(with a smurk on my face) He was like "tell me seriously cuz I smell something and I think it's my truck and it might blow up right now!" He was dead serious and I had to hurry and tell him I burnt the rice. I was dying laughing!!! Poor guy has the crappiest truck in the world. I wish I could buy him a new one. Anyway, he was pissed at me and our house stunk like crap and I started bawling and was expecting people in one hour. I didn't even make my craft that night I just sat and watched everyone else. It was a rough day.

On a lighter note, here is one of the crafts I made...

I just made that love sign in honor of love month but I think I might just leave it up. It was super easy and cheap (thanks to my mom for giving me some of her fabric). I was happy with how it turned out and the options are endless.

So that was the Tuesday before Valentine's Day so ON Valentine's Day, Jake had a meating at our in the morning before church. It was my responibility to keep the girls from distracting him while in his meating so I thought I'll put them in the shower cuz they love to play in there forever, and I'll get them dressed in my room and we'll just play etc. Well, the shower lasted maybe 5 minutes and they got bored. They wanted out even before people started arriving. I did my best but all of a sudden they bolted out my room. I had no make-up on and wasn't even close to being dressed. I took a second to throw on some clothes and a little make-up to look descent and went to find what my girls were up to. This is what I found...

Ellie CUT HER HAIR!!!!! I let out the biggest scream and Jake came running in from his meating. (He thought by my scream that someone died) I let my emotions get to me and I yelled at him for not shutting the salon door which was obviously my fault cuz he was in a meating. I started bawling and he left the room to finish his meating. Everyone was leaving at that point so when it was all clear, he came back in and I will stop right there. Let me just say it wasn't a pretty sight. Ellie's hair and Jake being upset with me for embarassing him. Mind you, the girls still had wet hair from the shower so all I saw was long, wet, curly, beautiful locks of hair all over the floor in my salon. I hadn't even calmed down enough to inspect the real damage she had done. It was bad but not THAT bad. Again, can I blame it on my emotional baby brain? Along with getting huge while pregnant, a few hundred melt downs and unexplainable emotional events WILL occur. I'm warning you, Keep Your Distance. My poor husband is stuck with me. After we all calmed down, we said our sorries and we're all cool now. These pics don't do it justice and I'm still trying to figure out how to style it and hide as much as possible.

As if those two events weren't bad enough, just as I'm getting to the point where I can go in public with this HAIR and just laugh it off when I look at it, another horrible day strikes again. As I'm coming closer and closer to my due date, it's getting harder and harder to do normal every day things. Going to the store is like someone asking me to run a marathon. I feel like walking around for 20 minutes is near impossible so I try to make my store trips as organized as possible so I don't have to go from front to back and from one side to the other a million times looking for everything to cross off my list. For some reason, that never works for me. I always end up passing the very thing I need ten times and not know it and then spend another 10 minutes looking for something right in front of my face. Can you say BABY BRAIN? (What will I have to blame things on when I finally do have this baby?) Anyway, I went to the store while my girls were in dance but I only had like 45 minutes to shop, check out, load up in the car, and pick them up. On my way to the store, I realized I forgot my check I needed to buy my groceries. I raced home to grab it and raced back to the store and cashed my check leaving me 30 minutes until I needed to pick up my girls. I raced (waddled) around the store blah blah blah and was checking out as fast as I could. Because I'm pregnant (and times are hard) we are on WIC and a few of the items weren't being approved. The checkout guy kept saying "this isn't approved, can you go get a different one?" So I held up the line and felt so stupid waddling off to find the right thing. I could barely walk from being so tired etc. and I made another 2 or 3 trips around the store to find the right juice or whatever. By this time, I was running so late to pick up my kids, I was on the phone with my mom to ask if she could pick them up but she was too far. I finally got the groceries to my car and started bawling out of nowhere. It took me forever to get the stuff in my car and get to my kids. I couldn't stop crying and of course my girls were the last ones there and Ellie asks "what happened to your make-up?" Those kids are used to me crying lately so when they se me cry, they just get quiet and let me have my moment. They are so sweet and we're all excited for my normal emotions to come back. Oh wait, it's not over...So we get home and I open the door to get Scout out and a gallon of milk falls out and busts open all over my drive way and on my pants. (Meanwhile I'm still bawling) The girls also got their dance costumes that day so they were bugging me to try them on etc. I just wanted to finish getting the groceries out so they went in the house and as I was getting another bag out, a jar of pickles rolled out and busted all over my driveway. So there was milk drooling all down the driveway, and now broken glass, pickles, and pickle juice all over the place. Still bawling by the way. I went to grab the hose to spray everything off and because I live on a somewhat busy street, people are driving by and honking at me while I'm cleaning up this annoying mess. If you are still reading this, aren't you exhausted just from reading this? Sheesh!!! To top it off, I thought to myself, I don't want to make lunch, I'm going to order a huge yummy salad from Applebees and put my girls down for a nap and just sit it peace and quiet and eat. I called in my order and went to pick it up and they say "we don't have any to go orders right now". Just my luck! I just waited until they could whip up a salad for me and after I scarfed that, I took a much needed nap. Does anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Or am I just a crazy pregnant lady? Ok, I'm done complaining now.

At the end of the day, I just need to say that I'm very grateful for the good things in my life which is a lot. Although Ellie cutting her hair was traumatizing, it could have been a lot worse and at least she is healthy and didn't cut herself with my shears etc. Although it is hard, I'm grateful to be pregnant with this little guy and I cannot wait for him to come. He's so active and it's so fun to picture him in our family and just wonder what he'll look like and how the girls will be with him and how Jake will be with him. I also am so grateful for Jake and his hard work and his putting up with me. I love him more than anything and I couldn't be more happy right now. Counting my blessings is what gets me through these dumb days that I've been having. Life goes on and it's never too late to change your attitude to think positive. (I'm telling myself this) Just keep on keepin' on.

-Joe Dirt