Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here is my little Ellie!!! I was cleaning out a closet and found my graduation hat. It's so weird to see my kid in my graduation hat. I calculated that Ellie will graduate in 2024. It's crazy to think about but I know it will come fast. :(

I taught Ellie how to do this face and we call it her "Ellie Face"

Here is Scout trying to do the "Ellie Face" hehe

Here we are on Easter. (I long ago but it's like one of our only more recent family pics)

"Happy Father's Day" Getting ready for bed, trying to take last minute Father's Day pics to remember that day.

Sleeping Beauty with the cousins. This play was really fun. We had front row seats. The people were literally dancing on our feat. It was so fun. Afterwards, we went to Chil Fil A and had ice cream. We also saw Blaine from the black team on Biggest Loser. WOOHOO!!!

Swimming with cousins at Grandma J's. Swimming and popcorn...can't beat that !

Splash pad at San Tan.

Spaghetti mess!!! Scout watches me do hair all the time and I think she thinks that anything she puts in her hair will make it pretty. This is the mess I have to clean up after EVERY SINGLE MEAL!!! I'm not even kidding!

Weekend getaway in Scottsdale. My parents gave us two nights to stay in Scottsdale and they watched our kids. It was ssssooooooo fun and so needed. We totally splurged and this is us at Salt Celar. Mmmmmm! We also went to Cheesecake Factory, Carrabbas, shopping, a movie etc.

Crab from Salt Celar. Gone in 60 seconds!
This might look familiar to other moms of toddlers out there. This is what I woke up to on Mother's Day morning. Actually, it was strung entirely off the roll all over the bathroom and I had roll it back up. That was the best I could do. Happy Mother's Day to me!
Smiley Scout! On our way to swimming lessons.

WOW! I got them both smiling in one picture. Very rarely do I get one of those.