Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Festivities

We have been so busy going holiday parties/
events/family get-
togethers etc. It has been so much fun! I love seeing my girls' faces light up when they see Christmas lights, Santa, snowmen and hearing Christmas music on the radio. They love it! They are finally getting to a fun age where they know what is going on.
These pics are from temple lights and that little train park off Indian Bend. It was so cute. They had chanel 8 characters like Winnie the Pooh, Cookie Monster,
Dora, etc. I recomend to anyone. Also, there is a Starbucks up the street and I recommend the White Hot Chocolate with Caramel. mmmmm!!!

We went to an Ugly Sweater party and Jake took this plain peach sweater and used puffy paint to paint on the rudolph and all of the snowflakes. He free handed the whole thing. It was pretty hilarious. What a talented husband I have. ; )

Scout usually has this milk face. She loves her sippy and nothing in her hair. No matter what I put in her hair, she manages to tear it out and get milk all over the place. Love you Scout!

Blow Out!!!

I love playing with my girls' hair! I blew out
Ellie's hair for the first
time and she
seriously looked
like she was 14!!!
That is called her "Ellie Face" and I love when she does it. I love that girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bang Bang!

Jake was cleaning out the garage and the girls were getting restless so he decided to mess around with them and make their staticky. It was hilarious. Anyway, Scout needed a haircut so I cut it into a bob and gave her bangs. She never cared if her hair was in her face (as you can see) so I chopped it off. She was so good while I cut her hair. What a cutie pie!

No Turkey?

My parents just remodeled their kitchen therefore they got new ovens and didn't know hot to work them. Needless to say, the turkey was not done so I had No Turkey on Thanksgiving. I was so sad. It was still a fun day and here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving. Mal and Jas got married two days after Thanksgiving so we celebrated with the Jarvis fam and some cousins.
Jason's fat face. (He has gotten so fat. haha)

I love this pic. of my favorite three people eating pie. Mmmm!

Ty and pregnant Jade

Open wide!!!

Allie and Chase (soon to be bride and groom)

Bride and Groom

Mom and Dad

Bride and Father of the Bride

Me and my man

My mom trying to tape everyone