Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silly Scout

So Scout broke my camera but if I rig it the right way, I can kind of take a picture. Needless to say, we have like no pics from Christmas or anything really. So sad!!! I think we'll be getting a new one for Valentine's Day so we can have a camera for when this little guy comes. We are getting so anxious and excited to bring him into our family. Ellie asks about when he is coming every single day. She keeps saying "Mommy's tummy is getting full!" She also has been going to up to other people that aren't the skinniest people and saying they have babies in their tummies. Isn't that so cute?!!!!! Here we go with the embarassing things my kids are going to say in public. Ellie has been so funny about time lately and she doesn't quite know what I'm saying but she makes things up like I've been telling her the order of birthdays in our family and when hers is going to be. Also, after her birthday, the baby is coming. So she will come to me every day and say "Is my birthday in two weeks and then the baby is coming?" I'm like, two weeks? where did she get that idea? Or if we're at the store, she'll want something and say "Can Santa bring this for my birthday for tomorrow?" Which is nice because I can still use the Santa Clause thing and say if she's good then Santa will bring her that toy for her birthday and she'll just put it back on the counter and say "ok". I figure whatever works ya know? Anyway, my mom has been bribing me to potty train Scout and I was putting it off forever. She would offer to buy me a maternity dress, or an outfit, or take me shopping etc. This has been going on since October and finally she wouldn't stop bugging me so I said if she gave me an ipod that I would do it and she said ok. I started right around Christmas and she has not had an accident for almost two weeks now. She is doing so good and I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer. Jake surprised me (and him) with an ipod touch for our birthdays so my mom was like "oh, now I don't have to get you one anymore" I was kinda bumbed but honestly thats sad that she had to bribe me to do that. Thanks for the push mom! She is actually doing a lot better than Ellie but for the most part they are out of diapers except for a pullup at night and I'm so happy. We are going to get started on the nursery soon and hopefully we'll have a camera to update y'all on the progress. Jake found this awesome wood to put up on the walls and if you know Jake, he'll work his magic and make it amazing. In the mean time, here are a few random pics...

Our Christmas tree! We didn't do ornaments this year except those two princesses at the top. So lame of us I know. The girls got a swingset for their main gift and then a bunch of little things. They loved it all however, all the make-up is hidden because of hot pink lipstick on my rug. Not a good idea for a two and three year old.

Scout making silly faces with Avatar 3D glasses. I love this pic!

I caught Scout crawling up in our closet and she does every so often and just lays on Jake's shoes. She's so funny!

Ellie in our garage just watching dad work away.

Jake working on projects. We actually got a big storage unit for Christmas and so we had an early spring cleaning and he cleaned out and organized our garage out. I am heaven with all the organizing.

My baby bump at I think 24 weeks.

My baby bump at 27 weeks. Can you say Ghetto Booty??? Hello!!!!