Sunday, October 18, 2009


In no particular order, here are some highlights from our summer and fall. Hopefully my winter posts will be not so few and far between--not to mention more exciting.
Fourth of July family pic

I know they're going to kill some day for always making them match. Oh well, I'll deal with it later but for now, I'll take two please :)My 12 week baby bump. It looks smaller in this pic but whatever makes me look smaller, I'll take it!

Girls' lunch at Barro's for Paige's Birthday. This was fun but also the reason we have girls night...sheesh look at all those kids!

Good news in a minute...just a little something my husband freehanded for a client. He is so talented I just thought I'd show off a little bit of what he does.

My little Pebbles

Our first camping trip. So fun but no sleep :(

It was a ward camp out and they made a cute little train for the kids to ride...they loved it.

The girls started dance and Ellie is obsessed with wearing her leotards and tutus.First day of dance...awww
First Day Of School! Ellie loves her preschool and is learning so much. Her teacher had a cute idea to have the kids wear a certain color every day so they could learn their colors and she knows every color now. Such a smarty!

Chocolate Lipgloss! Any time my kids get a messy face with like mac 'n cheese or something, they say they have mac 'n cheese lipgloss. They are so girls!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Pied Piper Contest

Yes, I'm entering another contest. Pied Piper Photography is holding a contest asking for the weight, and date of her new baby girl's arrival. She does amazing work so go check out her blog. Pick me, pick me!!!