Friday, March 27, 2009


Are you ready? Here are a bunch of pics from our Hawaii trip. It was so much fun and so nice to get a break. Jake and I haven't really been on a vacation without our kids in a long time so it was well needed. The original reason this whole trip was planned was because my cousin Alli was getting married and she married my new brother-in-law's really good friend so Jason was actually in the wedding party. We thought we'd show our support and sacrifice leaving home to go to Hawaii. Thanks Chase and Alli! Maui airport waiting for our car. The tree branches in the background look like they a part of Jake's spikey hair. :)

Us girls already getting bored still waiting for the car.

The wedding luncheon was held at Outback the day after we arrived. Who can beat a free meal at Outback in Hawaii? mmmm!!!

We stayed on Ka'anapali beach and this was at one of the restaurants by the boardwalk Hula Grill

More food! You can't go to Maui and not eat at Bubba Gump in Lahaina!

At Bubba's with the fam and my aunt and uncle Nancy and Terry. It was so fun to see them. (They were there for the wedding.)

What tourists?

This was on our way in to go to the wedding. We planned a scooba diving day and that is why Jake is so clean shaven (not for the wedding). I guess the hairs in his mustache makes his mask not tight to his face and lets water in. Doesn't he look cute?

This was the location of the wedding. It was on the beautiful cliff/mountain side looking over Molikini. It was amazing!

If you look at the mountains in the background and go to very middle of the pic and a little to the right, you can see Molikini. That is where we went scuba diving and it's a hot spot for snorkeling.

Mal and I waiting for the Bride to walk down the aisle.

All three of us girls brought black dresses to the wedding. Random!

That wedding was so beautiful. It was so small and intimate on that little hillside and looking over the ocean...amazing!

We found a fun little restaurant called "Cool Cats" in Lahaina. We spent like 3 hours booking our scuba trip and the luau so we were starving and it was really yummy food. We got amazing deals on all the stuff we did but we had to sit through our first dreaded time share meeting. That sucked but I think we saved all together about $800.00. Well worthe it!

Aren't Jake's legs sexy?!? This was at our resort which just opened in January called Honua Kai. It was super nice. Because it was brand new, we got an awesome deal but they weren't finished building so we would be laying out and we would hear cranes, saws, back up beeping noises, trucks, more saws, etc... It was still really fun though.

Jake holding the umbrella pole while Jason tries to hold his body out parallel to the ground

The last night of our trip was our luau. It was really fun. It rained a lot while we were in Hawaii and it rained that night so they were handing out ponchos. It was pretty funny to see everyone sitting there with ponchos on.

The guys with one of the luau dancers

The girls and some luau dancers

Mallory getting frisked by security at the airport. She was so mad, it was really funny!
There you have it. That was our wonderful trip. Hopefully it won't take us as long to get away together again. We did take some underwater pics when we went scuba diving but we haven't developed the film yet. Probably won't ever see those. I'm too used to digital ya know?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filling you in

Surprise! We got a puppy. Jake has been begging for one since...forever. I surprised Jake and the girls on Valentine's Day and picked up our little Shih-tzu. Her name is Coco. She is a cutie! The girls love her (probably cuz they don't have to clean up after her) Jake liked her at first but now, he wouldn't care if we got rid of her. He is sick of picking up her crap etc. I don't know the first thing about potty training a dog. I have a three year old human that isn't even potty trained.

I know, I know. That is so sad that Ellie isn't potty trained. I have been getting so much crap for it lately. I'm sick of hearing people tell me what a horrible mom I am. We just got back from Hawaii (which was fun but I will post about that later) and so I just started her yesterday. It actually has been going farely well. She gets embarassed and doesn't tell me she has to go so she'll just go by herself and pull off her panties and go. Which I guess for the second day, is pretty good. However, sometimes she goes pee while she's just standing there and realizes she's not a wearing a diaper and run to the bathroom so half makes in the potty and the other half has made a pee trail to the bathroom. I have prepared myself for the worste so to me, that is great if a drop makes in the potty. Anyway, I will keep you updated on whether or not we still have Coco in a few months. : )

Coco taking a bath in my salon sink