Monday, November 23, 2009

Ellie was a cowgirl for Halloween. She loves to pose for the camera and loves her picture taken (unless it's for professional family pics...she hates to hold still. Why do kids do that???)

Scout was trying to hold still for Jake to paint her face. My girls loved getting their face painted by their pro painter dad

Chowin' down at one of many Halloween parties we attended

Doesn't my ol' man look handsome? (Wal Mart greeter if you can't tell :)

Mom: I love Lucy Dad: Don't ask

Hula girl and Cowgirl. Scout dressed up for the first party and was over it very fast. She refused to put on anymore costumes.

Bloody Lady Finger Cookies Mmmmmm!

My 16 week baby bump. Granted that was about four weeks ago and I'm a lot bigger now but better late than never right?