Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 Months of Updating

*In no particular order*
My mom made all the grandkids the cutest hooded towels that all say their names on them. Griffin's has cars on it and it's T.D.F. Thanks g'ma! My best eater by a long shot...he loves to eat and I love to feed him cuz he actually eats...unlike my girlies. I will feed you all day little dude!

He loved the lights

Temple's a must

Family picture and opening Christmas gifts with family

First Santa sweet!

So Jolly!


Finney loves to swing!

Boy toys

Cousins+cabin+marshmallows=a lovely weekend in good weather


Ellie loves animals (Halloween ward party)

My cowboy baby at Halloween ward party

Love the kissy face
J'dorableAwwww! PreciousRandom...silly girls dressing up :)Batman (Griffin)Sledding with the fam. at my aunts' cabinRandom hippie Scout picture
Griffin's first Christmas...He's so excited!!!Jake's awesome gun for Christmas
Halloween Ward Party Outfit
(She changed her getup for every party)
This Indian costume was the exact one I wore when I was a little girl
Halloween at preschool
Halloween (one of many costume switches)


TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Love all the dress up pictures, your girlies are adorable!

Jen said...

It's about time ;)
Love all the pics! Your kids are just too cute!

Brooke Colvin said...

Cute pictures! I am going to to have to update too! Oh, how time flies. I can't believe Griffin is almost a year old! Crazy!! See ya sis.